Countdown to 2017 AP Exam

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Homework Packet #6

Download Civil War Outline

Watch Civil War Video

Read 448 - 456

Guided Questions:

Sections:  Lee's Last Lunge - Sherman Scorches Georgia
Describe shifts in how the war was waged between North and South after the emancipation proclamation.

Sections: The Politics of War - The Election of 1864

Describe the politics of the War in both North and South, through the election of 1864.

 The assessment will be completed in class.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Homework Packet #4

Reading:  366 - 377
Sections covered:  The Lone Star of Texas Shines Alone - Profit and Loss in Mexico

As you are reading, use the questions below to help determine if you are taking the appropriate notes.  Though you are not answering these questions for homework, take the notes that will help you answer these questions.  If your notes can answer the questions below, then you know that you've taken the correct notes.

1.  For the sections of, The Lone Star of Texas Shines Alone through Oregon Fever Populates Oregon, take the notes that will help answer this question:

  • Explain why the U.S. government increasingly saw the independent Texas Republic as a threat and sought to pursue annexation, and the consequences of those policies.
2.  For the sections of, A Mandate for Manifest Destiny through Polk the Purposeful, take the notes that will help you answer this question:
  • Define the term Manifest Destiny and detail its impact on the election of 1844.
3.  For the sections of, Misunderstandings with Mexico through The Mastering of Mexico, take the notes that will help you answer this question:
  • Evaluate the relationship between Polk's ideas about Manifest Destiny and his early policies toward Mexico.
4.  For the sections of, Fighting Mexico for Peace and Profit and Loss in Mexico, take the notes that will help you answer this question:
  • Assess the prosecution and consequences of the Mexican War, and especially how the Mexican territorial acquisitions explosively opened the slavery question.

**A word of warning**  I will be checking the notes closely.  Make sure you are using your notes that you've taken from your book.  

Monday, October 17, 2016

Homework Packet #2

Follow the steps below.  Make sure that you complete the reading before taking the quiz.  If you finish by Thursday and show me the notes on Friday, you will receive extra credit.

1.  Packet Video Outline

2.  2nd Great Awakening Video

3.  Jackson Video

4.  Reading:  Read and take notes over 257 - 274 (no essay).

5.  Homework Packet #2 Quiz